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Federal Milk Order Price Information

Price Formulas - 2004 

Note: Milk prices are per 100 pounds or cwt., rounded to the nearest cent.
Component prices are per pound, rounded to nearest one-hundredth cent.
Cheese, dry whey, butter, and nonfat dry milk prices are weighted monthly averages of weekly NASS survey prices, rounded to the nearest one-hundredth cent.

Class I:

Class I Price = (Class I skim milk price x 0.965) + (Class I butterfat price x 3.5).

Class I Skim Milk Price = Higher of advanced Class III or IV skim milk pricing factors + applicable Class I differential.

Class I Butterfat Price = Advanced butterfat pricing factor+ (applicable Class I differential divided by 100).

Note: Advanced pricing factors are computed using applicable price formulas listed below, except that product price averages are for two weeks.

Class II:

Class II Price = (Class II skim milk price x 0.965) + (Class II butterfat price x 3.5).

Class II Skim Milk Price = Advanced Class IV skim milk pricing factor + $0.70.

Class II Butterfat Price = Butterfat price + $0.007.

Class II Nonfat Solids Price = Class II skim milk price divided by 9.

Class III:

Class III Price = (Class III skim milk price x 0.965) + (Butterfat price x 3.5).

Class III Skim Milk Price = (Protein price x 3.1) + (Other solids price x 5.9).

Protein Price = ((Cheese price 0.165) x 1.383) + ((((Cheese price 0.165) x 1.572) - Butterfat price x 0.9) x 1.17).

Other Solids Price = (Dry whey price 0.159) times 1.03.

Butterfat Price = (Butter price 0.115) times 1.20.

Class IV:

Class IV Price = (Class IV skim milk price x 0.965) + (Butterfat price x 3.5).

Class IV Skim Milk Price = Nonfat solids price times 9.

Nonfat Solids Price = (Nonfat dry milk price - 0.14) times 0.99.

Butterfat Price = See Class III.

Somatic Cell Adjustment Rate = Cheese price x 0.0005, rounded to fifth decimal place. Rate is per 1,000 somatic cell count difference from 350,000.


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