Lists of Regulated Plants – Description   

The entities that are regulated under the Federal milk order (FMO) program, for the most part, are operators of fluid milk processing plants.  There are two types of regulated fluid milk processing plants – distributing plants and supply plants.  Distributing plants are primarily engaged in processing raw milk into fluid milk products in consumer-type packages.  Supply plants supply bulk raw milk to distributing plants and process raw milk into manufactured dairy products.  For additional information on FMO terms see Quantities and Utilization of Regulated Milk – Description. 

In this section, there are separate lists for regulated distributing plants and regulated supply plants.  Each list shows the plant name in alphabetical order, the city, State, and Zip Code of the plant’s location, the State and County FIPS Code, and the Class I Differential for the county in which the plant is located.  Also shown, for each month of 2002, is the number of the FMO under which the plant was regulated in that month.  These lists will be updated monthly. 

Following are some observations concerning these lists.  If there is no FMO number in a month, then the plant was not regulated under any FMO during that month.  Distributing plants can shift regulatory status from month to month by either not selling the required proportion of fluid milk products in any FMO marketing area (a partially regulated distributing plant) or by not selling the minimum required volume of fluid milk products in any FMO marketing area (a volume exempt plant).  Supply plants can shift regulatory status from month to month by not shipping the required proportion of milk to any regulated distributing plant.  For information on the pooling requirements for distributing and supply plants, see the specific FMO provisions in the Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 7, Parts 1000 to 1199.  Also included in these lists would be plants that either went out of business during the year or started operating during the year.